Reduce the Use...Cut the Stress


As if having a head lice infestation weren’t bad enough, having to use potentially toxic head lice removal products can be downright scary.

Super KidsHead lice are a fact of life. Anyone can get them. They are not a reflection on cleanliness, and they are as common in well-to-do families as they are in more humble homes. Head lice don’t carry disease, either, so they're not really dangerous from a medical point of view.

All head lice removal products, however, were not created equal. Most over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription products remove lice but not their eggs (also known as nits). Although combs are provided in the packages to remove nits, it is inevitable that some will remain and grow into adulthood. Another treatment 7 to 10 days following the first is almost always required. Or, the products might remove lice and their eggs, but exposing your children to potentially toxic ingredients? No way!

Give head lice the double whammy

That's where Lycelle® Head Lice Removal Kit comes in. Using the Lycelle kit removes both lice and their eggs in a single*1 use—and without pesticides.

This means that your kids can go back to school safely and quickly—even if their school maintains a no-nit policy. And that means you don’t need to take additional time off work or make last-minute plans for day care.

*Further use is generally not necessary. However, if lice are still present after 7 to 9 days, repeat with a second use. Additional kits may be needed for hair longer than shoulder length.


Lycelle® Head Lice Removal Kit helps remove lice and eggs from the hair and scalp. Lycelle® Head Lice Removal Kit does not contain any Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered pesticides.

Intended use

Lycelle® Head Lice Removal Kit removes both head lice and their eggs from hair of adults and children. Additional kits may be needed for hair longer than shoulder length.

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