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My child has head lice! What do I do now?

SupermomRemain calm

Head lice can cause a lot of things: anxiety, embarrassment, guilt, annoyance. But they cannot cause disease, and they do not reflect on hygiene; even the cleanest heads of hair can be and are infested by lice.

But let’s face it, dealing with head lice is a big hassle, especially when the treatment you choose needs to be used again and again.

Now there’s Lycelle® Head Lice Removal Kit. The Lycelle® Head Lice Removal Kit is a prescription product only available from your doctor. And, it can be used for both children and adults. It contains no Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered pesticides.

Reduce the use, cut the stress

Just 1 use removes both head lice and their eggs.*1

  • Patients are freed of lice and eggs quickly and conveniently
  • Kids get back to school and parents back to their routines

*Further use is generally not necessary. However, if lice are still present after 7 to 9 days, repeat with a second use. Additional kits may be needed for hair longer than shoulder length.

1. Data on file, Mission Pharmacal.